Reality is overrated. The Pixel is Data apps belong to a creative tools series dedicated to expressing ideas and generating art freely, away from canonical representations of reality. Because no artist tolerates reality.

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for the iPhone

Free, it's probably the most un-orthodox photo app on the App Store.

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A free, motion-generating pixel art app that produces surprising videos.

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for the Mac

This pro version brings free choice of size ratios and an unlimited number of patterns.

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Live! for the Mac

A free, live version of the Mac app that instantaneously produces its images.

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for the Wall

Something you like? Buy a print to hang on your wall or give your friends the gift of beauty and subtly-subversive art.


Art on the go. #GoMakeArt

Making art with a pocket device doesn't have to only be about taking a picture with a convenient photo camera and choosing from a panel of filters to make it look arty before posting on the social networks. It can also be about reflecting on what we're looking at, what's taking place in front of our eyes and what we want to do with it. If we want to do anything with it.

The Pixel is Data app for iPhone is a possibility. A proposition.

Share your art. #pixelisdata #pixelart #glitchart #abstractart #cinetypeapp

What good is art if it's not shared or questioned? Well, that's actually an interesting philosophical question… But anyway, via your favorite browser or straight from the free iPhone app, go ahead and share your #art on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Pinterest? Why not!

Check out the latest of @pixelisdata's posts on Instagram out here:

Mac special: use your own patterns. #Pro

Got access to Illustrator or similar software? Photoshop? A Microsoft Paint emulator?! That's fine! Launch your favorite drawing software, draw something in plain white and export it as a square-ratio, transparent PNG file. That's it, you've got yourself a proper texture that you'll be able to use within Pixel is Data for Mac as a « custom pattern ».

Understand better with examples? Here are 5 basic pattern files to experiment with.

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Featured in Fast Company's Design section

« Create amazing pixel art with this free iPhone app », says Mark Wilson. Published in 2013, few weeks after the release of the early iPhone app v1.0.

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Arcade Magazine 33.1

Featured in Arcade Magazine

« This project highlights data’s potential to tell a multitude of stories in the hands of the user, who is given control to find new narratives from within a single data source. »

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Andrew Richardson's Data-Driven Graphic Design, Bloomsbury 2016

Data-Driven Graphic Design Book

By Andrew Richardson, Bloomsbury 2016: « The development of the computer as a design environment has encouraged a new breed of digital designer; keen to explore the unique creative potential of the computer as an input/output device. »

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Made with Cinder, flavored

Pixel is Data apps are made with the open-source Cinder Framework and only come in flavor.

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